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These options will be used on objects of class 'data.frame'.


  constructor = c("data.frame", "read.table", "next", "list"),



String. Name of the function used to construct the object, see Details section.


Additional options used by user defined constructors through the opts object


An object of class <constructive_options/constructive_options_data.frame>


Depending on constructor, we construct the object as follows:

  • "data.frame" (default): Wrap the column definitions in a data.frame() call. If some columns are lists or data frames, we wrap the column definitions in tibble::tibble(). then use

  • "read.table" : We build the object using read.table() if possible, or fall back to data.frame().

  • "next" : Use the constructor for the next supported class. Call .class2() on the object to see in which order the methods will be tried.

  • "list" : Use list() and treat the class as a regular attribute.